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Graphic Design

Your graphic design project needs to effectively communicate your message whether it's for a web ad, book cover, or digital brochure. Whatever your needs, there's a solution.


A website created in WordPress will allow your company to proactively communicate your brand's message on the fly. 3 AM and you want to set up a flash sale, but your staff is asleep? Done.

Social Media

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Social Media is everywhere. Having a well curated page is a necessity. It is the voice your clients hear the loudest and need experienced help for them to grow.


Consumers' video usage online is at staggering highs! A video on social media is more likely to be viewed and shared than a text or image. A marketing video will help you get a piece of that pie.


While there are multiple places to purchase stock photography and illustrations, there are times when they just aren't what you need. If your project requires custom imagery, let's talk about a solution!

Portfolio Snippet


"[Susan] has consistently brought new ideas to the table sharing innovative designs and processes. . . . I have always been impressed with Susan’s wealth of knowledge on various platforms whether it is web, video, print or a combination of all of them."
Nick Campbell
Cushman & Wakefield
"[Susan created] leading edge materials that not only accomplish set goals, but also provide innovative style and delivery to separate my team from the rest of the pack. There are few professionals that have been as important in my operational success as Susan."
Jared Bonshire
Cushman & Wakefield
"Susan is one of the most talented designers I know."
Anne Spencer
Cushman & Wakefield

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