Who is that Quacked Duck?

My name is Susan M. Tournour, a graphic designer and photographer from Orlando, FL. I have had a passion for art and design for many years. Being an artist isn't something you are simply taught. It is something that you are. Creativity is born within you and is part of who you are. This portfolio is a glimpse into who I am.

My love of design began with the world of photography, and so, it is showcased here as well. There's nothing like looking through the viewfinder of a camera. It allows a different view of the world around oneself. Over the years, I've used that view on travel photos, portraits, and wedding photography.

While my roots are in photography, I have been designing for the web for many years. I created my first webpage for a client back in 2002. As a self taught web designer, I quickly enjoyed the magic that happened as I learned various web techniques. That lead to me attending Full Sail University a few years later, graduating in 2008 with my bachelor degree in digital arts and design, where I discovered my love of print design. There's nothing quite like the meticulous placement of typography and tangible nature that you get through the print world!

I invite you to take a look around my little corner of the web. Afterwards, feel free to contact me simply to say hi or comment on my work through one of the options on my contact page. If you're in need of any graphic design or photography services, contact me with information about your project and I'll be happy to discuss options with you! I am also an adept writer and proofreader/editor. So, if your project needs copy assistance, we can discuss that as well. I look forward to speaking with you soon!

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